Our commitment

MuscleVolt Nutrition is committed to your absolute success.

We pay meticulous attention to  well conducted human research of each and everyone of the ingredients that are used, always considering the relevant mechanisms of action, potential interactions, as well as physiological and biochemical efects of all the components. 

Based on this premise we are introducing our new Platinum Series for your workout needs.

We firmly believe that in order to manufacture a safe and effective preworkout supplement , mixing numerous ingredients is absolutely unnecessary, nor are dozens of agents needed to induce a powerful boost on the body’s Nitric Oxide production, moreover, for the enhancement of mental focus and strength during your workout.

Don’t be fooled by extensive underdosed labels with lengthy proprietary blends. Based on the mechanisms of action of many ingredients in the market, it is clear that eventually many of them when used in combination may and will indeed have opposite effects in the body, ultimately creating an unpredictable and potentially chaotic environment, with deleterious effect on the athletic performance and the post workout muscular recovery. That’s where our new P.U.M.P and BCAA Pro stand head-and-shoulders over the competition!

We believe in fully clear labels and 100% transparency. All the ingredients are clinically and efficaciously dosed ; there’s no place for proprietary blends or any fillers

We are currently in the process of developing awesome products for the intra and post workout needs as well, and they will be available pretty soon !

Your Musclevolt Team