The Musclevolt Story

Take your body voltage to the PEAK with MuscleVolt Nutrition!

MuscleVolt Nutrition was created envisioning the development of affordable but yet effective products, utilizing science-proven ingredients, also supported by many years of personal training, coupled by supplementation trial and error in the gym, but most importantly, validated by well conducted clinical research in sports nutrition.

As a result, our products are made only with premium-quality, effective and properly dosed ingredients, and again,  avoiding other substances that are scientifically unproven or untested. 


The MuscleVolt Nutrition Team:

Our team's fundamental belief is: with proper diet, high-quality and properly dosed supplementation consumed at the right time, coupled with dedication and consistency, ANY individual has the potential to achieve their desired personal fitness and wellness goal!

MuscleVolt Nutrition is committed to offering top-notch quality products aiming at improving the overall health, boosting exercise performance and recovery, as well as building lean muscle, ultimately helping with weight control and body recomposition.

We are thrilled to be able to help you achieve your fitness goals. Be confident that our products will provide you with high quality formulas for every step of your training! It's time to get the results you deserve.


MuscleVolt Nutrition CEO & Founder

"As a physician and athlete, I have been profoundly passionate about the science of sports supplementation for many years. By combining medical knowledge, sports science, and human physiology, I have learned how to incorporate 
quality supplements into the workouts in order to induce growth and recovery. That’s MuscleVolt Nutrition: Science. We believe in science. We believe in well conducted research studies. These are science-backed premium quality products. Guaranteed."

David R Buvat de Virginy, MD 
Board Certified, Internal Medicine  
Clinical Researcher 
CEO and Founder of MuscleVolt Nutrition